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Are you looking for a new Boulder health insurance policy?  There are many opportunities in Boulder, Colorado, though good insurance policies are sometimes hard to find.  Boulder has an estimated population of 93,895 people, which takes a sizable portion of Colorado’s population, estimated at 4,875,100.

A large percentage of locals use bicycles to get around town, and the average Boulder, Colorado resident is healthier than the American standard.  According to state health facts, 54.7% of Colorado’s population regularly participates in “moderate or vigorous” exercise, which is above the American standard of 49.2%

Things are fairly quiet in Boulder itself.  The city has a low crime rate and no bad neighborhoods.  Since you, as a Boulder resident, are considered “above average” in health and circumstance, you might think a Boulder health insurance policy would be relatively easy to find.

General Statistics on Boulder Health Insurance in Colorado

The state of Colorado has 2,758,100 people who have an employee-purchased group insurance policy.  This makes us 56.6% of the state’s population which is comparable with the U.S. standard of 52.3%.  There are substantially less people with individual health insurance policies: only 325,800 which doesn’t even equal 7%.  Medicaid policies cover 8.6% of the state population and Medicare covers 9.6%.  2.4% of the population has some other form of public insurance to help them pay for medical care.

However, this leaves 16.2% or 790,200 of the population uninsured.  For Colorado, unanimously seen as one of the healthier U.S. states, those are startling statistics.  How healthy can the population be if they don't regularly consult a doctor?  How much extra are they paying for prescription drugs?

The average amount for health care expenditures in Colorado is $21,691.  Compare this with other states like Nevada at $10,656, Texas at $103,600 or New Mexico at $8,498 and you'll have an idea of this broad range.  These numbers also coincide with news that state of Colorado is predicted to see an increase in the price of health premiums in coming years.  The predicted 11.8% increase dwarfs the national increase average of 9%.  This means that Colorado will see a bigger premium increase than the country as a whole.  Why is this so, when Boulder residents and Colorado residents tend to be healthier than the average American?

More City Statistics on Boulder Health Insurance

Experts believe that the higher cost results from the higher-than-average percentage of the population that lives without health insurance.  The basic idea is that when hospitals and clinics see uninsured patients (especially emergency rooms) the providers have to recoup their losses, and so charge higher reimbursement rates from the health insurance companies.  Then, the Boulder health insurance companies pass on their higher costs to consumers.  These higher costs may be felt in the form of higher premiums or reduced benefits.

First of all, understand that the health insurance market in Boulder is a diverse one.  A great number of the population is college-aged, and so many of the insurance policies are designed for single-person individual health insurance policies.  However, there are also many families.  The generally superior health profile of the average Boulder, Colorado citizen does help in keeping health insurance rates relatively low.  The fact that much of the population prefers holistic treatment to medical treatment also plays a major part, since there are fewer claims made overall.

The Boulder Community Hospital is the largest provider of healthcare in the city.  It is a full-service hospital and provides emergency care at all hours of the day.  There are believed to be over 500 physicians operating and at least 48 medical specialties.

How to Find a Better Price on Boulder Health Insurance

It is true to some extent that living in Boulder, Colorado is a natural disadvantage, because of the high rate of uninsured residents.  However, if you believe that you are paying too much for your insurance policy (based on the premiums your neighbors are paying, or based on city averages) then you may have a valid concern.

If you think you are paying too much for your health insurance policy then you should start shopping around for a different insurance company.  You could try to negotiate with your current provider, perhaps asking about the possibility of a money-saving multi-discount policy.  If you have a pre-existing condition, then you may have to leave this condition out of the contract to substantially lower the premium cost.

Of course, the best time to find health insurance is when you are young and have a clean bill of health.  Consumers with pre-existing medical conditions or prescription needs may find that getting a group insurance policy through their job is the most effective way to avoid the perils of independent (and sometimes expensive) insurance.

Be prepared to sign up with another insurance provider if you must.  There are Boulder health insurance company providers out there who are looking for your business.  If you are in generally good health and keep a healthy lifestyle (no smoking or hard drinking) they will be more inclined to work with you.

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